Dog and Pet Safe Secret Weapon for Ant & Insect Killer in Tampa

Dog Day Care Lawn Control

If you’ve ever had a yard of any sort of size, you’ve undoubtedly battled with lawn insects (grubs, ants, flies, etc).  Since we don’t want to use any harsh pesticides in treating the lawn at our day care where our doggie guests will be running and playing, we’ve found a secret weapon to battle insects, especially ants (and especially in warm cities like Tampa)

Take 3-4 ounces of Dawn, add 1-2 ounces of orange oil (easily found on Amazon or online), add a gallon of water and, viola, you have an ant killer that is pet safe!!   After testing it at our property for a few weeks, we can most certainly say that it works and we’re not worried about harming any dogs in the process. Since we have over an acre of land, it’s a daily war but we’re seeing a movement in the battle lines and we’re getting them cornered!!

If you have pets (and pests), give it a try.  Safe to use inside and out and will even leave a fresh orange smell after.  No need to worry about the heavy chemicals in the products you can get at the store anymore!

Note:  Of course, don’t let your pets ingest or bath in the mix.  While it is much safer than pesticides, it can still be an irritant to their skin or if they have allergies.  If it it gets on your pet, wash them off thoroughly.

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