WestFetch vs. Other Tampa Dog Day Cares…..The Difference

Dog love tampaBeing a lifetime dog owner (minus a few years in college), the love and relationship I’ve always had with dogs has been an important part of my life.  It’s a big reason why we started WestFetch and certainly the reason why we have developed the services we offer.  We know how important furry family members are.


Our day care doggies get all the attention

It started with our pet sitting service.  We tackled the professionalism and responsiveness that was missing in other pet sitting companies in the area, including ones we utilized (or tried to utilize) prior to starting WestFetch.  After that, we added in-home, cage free dog boarding.  Again, we noticed there were no true in-home boarding options after we adopted our Dante as a puppy (and the ones that were advertised as so, lets just say false advertising and we left shortly after arriving……YUCK!!).  And now, right at 10 years after the beginnings of WestFetch in 2005, we purchased a property to expand our services to include doggie day care.  An exciting and scary endeavor indeed.  Once again, as dog lovers, we noticed a few things that we–personally–felt should be a part of a day care service.

So What IS Different about WestFetch Dog Day Care??

We’re glad you asked!   Here’s a few ways WestFetch differs from other doggie daycare centers in Tampa:


LOTS of green space!

  • Over 1 acre of land with lots outdoor, natural play space.  Your dog(s) can run, sniff and enjoy the real grass and trees on our property, opening the exploring instincts that dogs love.
  • Much quieter, natural environment vs. the industrial buildings many day cares reside in.  Reduces stress and anxiety of going to an unfamiliar place.
  • Play time is geared for outdoors in natural grass which is much easier on your dogs joints and back vs. hard floors.  This is especially important if your dog will attend day care on a regular basis.
  • Natural outdoors for all dogs to do their “business” (really…….some daycares don’t have an outdoor potty area!).  Keeps consistent with training, especially for puppies, and lends to a much cleaner environment.  Would you like to play in an area that is constantly being soiled??
  • Low attendant to dog ratio, aimed at 12 dogs per attendant, max.  Always ask this of any day care!  We’ve seen 30-50 dogs, if not more, with only one attendant.  This is a very dangerous situation waiting to happen.
  • WP_20160318_09_03_34_Pro

    Comfy areas to relax

    Customized exercise sessions.  Play times are not set in stone.  When the dogs are ready to play, we go outside for the high energy play and fun.  When they start to temper down, we’ll bring them into the shaded areas outside, the covered patio or back inside to play at a lower pace or to relax.

  • NO sleep time in crates!  Most day cares put the dogs in crates for rest time of usually two hours.  We allow them to get comfy on the floor, dog beds, couch, wherever they want to relax.  The whole reason some dogs go to day care is to get OUT of the crate.
  • WestFetch is aimed at smaller groups for a more personal experience and tighter bonds in the pack.  We are geared towards local, repeat customers and will only accept those looking for long term help (ie, we don’t accept one-day drop offs).  Keeps the tension in the pack much lower with less turnover and reduces the chance of illness.

    Our day care shuttle brings convenience to your door

    Our day care shuttle brings convenience to your door

  • FREE shuttle service for your dogs to/from our property.  No worries about fighting traffic to/from the daycare, we take care of all of that for you.  A hair and drool free vehicle for you!  🙂
  • Convenient discount packages.  No need to purchase X amount of days per week to get a better price.  Life isn’t always so structured, it can be two days one week and four days the next, just utilize our services on a regular basis and you’ll qualify for a discount. You can also combine with of our dog walking and pet sitting service to take advantage of the discounts.
  • We give back!   A portion of all of our revenue is donated back to local rescue groups and animal shelters.  We started a memorial fund in 2014 after our beloved Dante passed.   He was a rescue saved by Lost Angels Animal Rescue and our current dog, Zeus, is from the Tampa Humane Society.  Please adopt and don’t shop!

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to come see us.  We’d love to have you by to see for yourselves how we’ve set ourselves apart from…..well……the pack.   Feel free to contact us anytime for more info or to schedule an appointment to stop by.

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