WestFetch vs. Other Tampa Dog Day Cares…..The Difference

Dog love tampa

Being a lifetime dog owner (minus a few years in college), the love and relationship I’ve always had with dogs has been an important part of my life.  It’s a big reason why we started WestFetch and certainly the reason why we have developed the services we offer.  We know how important furry family members are. It started with our pet sitting service.  We tackled the professionalism and responsiveness that was missing in other pet… Continue reading

Doggie Day Care Remodel – Phase I complete!

Phase I of our doggie day care remodel is complete!   There was some old termite damage in the attic which was necessary to complete first.  This was our big delay in getting started as we hired a structural engineer to ensure everything was completed correctly and would be strong and stable for the long term.   We live in Florida so we needed to be sure the roof and ceiling will hold up to… Continue reading

Dog and Pet Safe Secret Weapon for Ant & Insect Killer in Tampa

If you’ve ever had a yard of any sort of size, you’ve undoubtedly battled with lawn insects (grubs, ants, flies, etc).  Since we don’t want to use any harsh pesticides in treating the lawn at our day care where our doggie guests will be running and playing, we’ve found a secret weapon to battle insects, especially ants (and especially in warm cities like Tampa) Take 3-4 ounces of Dawn, add 1-2 ounces of orange oil… Continue reading

Doggie Day Care Progress….Patience is a Virtue!

Since we closed on our day care property in September, it seems all we’ve done is talk to a million contractors and get quotes.  Would anything ever get done???   Well, we’re happy to say, it seems like we have movement now! First up was the fence.  A doggie day care without a fence is not so much a day care than a search party.  This was a priority and was the first major item… Continue reading