Doggie Day Care Progress….Patience is a Virtue!

Since we closed on our day care property in September, it seems all we’ve done is talk to a million contractors and get quotes.  Would anything ever get done???   Well, we’re happy to say, it seems like we have movement now!

First up was the fence.  A doggie day care without a fence is not so much a day care than a search party.  This was a priority and was the first major item checked off our list.  We’ve been there a few times with Zeus and boarders and had so much fun enjoying all the space.


Fence all done!!


From the front, what a difference already.

Next up on our big item checklist was finding contractors for the floors and kitchen.  You see, the home was built in 1985 and nearly everything inside was still 1985.     Case in point, check out the kitchen and the security manual we found:

Day care security

We feel safer already 🙂

doggie daycare kitchen

In dire need of love and an upgrade. Very soon!!

Needless to say, the entire inside will be remodeled.  The only things we are not replacing are the walls (just painting those)  Floors, kitchen, bathrooms, lights, everything will be fresh and new once we’re done.

Thankfully, we have the remaining “big” contractors lined up but we’re on the wait list so they won’t be able to start until November at the earliest.  In the meantime, we’re doing as many of the little things we can on our own and bringing small groups to the property to enjoy the spacious back yard for lots of fun!   The inside is still fully functional, just a bit dated for our tastes and needs 🙂

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting more updates as we make improvements.

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