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WestFetch Pups

Ashley, Dante & Zeus

WestFetch’s Logo Story

Our pets above, along with our love of all animals, are the inspiration behind our dog-themed logo and the “Fetch” in our name (the “West” comes from our residence in Westchase).

Ashley was a German Shepherd mix who was found in a dumpster at 6 weeks old and immediately found her way into our family.  She had the personality of someone who had attended etiquette school, i.e. ate one bite at a time, quietly drank her water and stayed clean and out of the rain.  We unfortunately lost Ashley in 2005 due to health reasons after 16 and a half years of unconditional love.

Dante, a Staffy/Shepherd/Chow mix, was adopted as a puppy shortly after losing Ashley.  He, on the other hand, loved to chomp down his food, lap at his water as if it were his last drink and loves to play outside, rain or shine (or mud!).  Dante was left at a vet undernourished and with worms at the tender age of 12 weeks.  We adopted him from Lost Angels and brought him back to a healthy romping puppy!

The dog in the logo is a resemblance to Dante, although it’s not an exact match.   We planned on taking pictures of Dante to mimic his running stride but, unfortunately, Dante blew out both his knees in 2008 and his stride is much shorter than it once was.  Keep a close eye on the logo though, you may notice some subtle changes over time.

Sadly, we lost Dante to an untreatable form of cancer in May, 2014.

And now, in June, 2014, we came across Zeus at the Tampa Humane Society.  A sweet, lovable pup that is shy at first, has made our home whole again.  Zeus is a huge fan of playing with you and other dogs but is hesitant with strangers and loud sounds.  We are working with Zeus and he has already come a long way with his confidence.

Ashley, Dante and Zeus have clearly shown that no two dogs are alike but they both came with the loyalty and love you can expect from a family pet.  Something we like to carry over to the service we provide to you, our customer.

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