Dog Day Care Tampa

Natural, High Enrichment Tampa Dog Day Care

A more personable & relaxing day care for your doggy!

  • Small Exclusive Groups
  • Large One Acre Yard with REAL Grass and Trees (a natural, outdoor potty environment)
  • Comfy and Relaxing Home Environment
  • Low Attendant to Dog Ratio for Personal Care and Supervision
  • FREE Pick Up and Drop Off from Your Home

Just like our dog boarding service, our doggie day care service will be exclusive, personal, small scale and in a natural home setting with over an acre of space that will be both easy and fun for you and your dog.

In 2015, we purchased and remodeled a property just outside of Westchase (near Sickles HS) that will be exclusively for day care and boarding.  Unlike most other day cares, we are not based in an industrial building with limited outside space.  With 1.1 acres of land and a 2200SF home, there is tons of space for your pet(s) to come and play and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Not only will we have a relaxed, natural setting, our day care will have a low human to dog ratio.  If you’ve ever used a day care, this is a VERY important question to ask.  We’ve seen day cares with as many as 30-50 dogs to ONE attendant….even more during the holidays.  A scary predicament waiting to happen.  We will have no more than 10-12 dogs per one attendant, most times less than that.


We will also offer FREE shuttle to pick up and drop off of your dog(s)!  No more rushing to the day care center, fighting traffic, waiting for the attendants to take or retrieve your dog.  We’ll take care of all of that for you so you can go about your day!

So How Does Our Day Care Work?

We’ve established a different take on our day care service and one we think is better than all the others (at least we think so!).  Here’s a brief on how our doggie day care operation works:

  • From approximately 7:30a – 9a, we will be picking up all the dogs at their homes and transported to the property.  (You do not have to be home for pick up or drop off but we will require a copy of the key, just like our pet sitting service)
  • From approximately 9a – 2p, PLAY TIME!  A mix of outside play, playing games, some rest and inside play.
  • From approximately 2:30p-4p we will drop off all the dogs back at their homes.
  • Day care will be open weekdays only and closed on weekends and holidays (but our boarding and pet sitting service will still operate 365 days a year).

Think of it as a chauffeured trip to a private dog park where your pup is an exclusive member.  Most dogs are exhausted and ready to go home after 3-4 hours at the dog park.  The difference, smaller groups, no crazy/bad doggies like the park, much less chance of acquiring any illnesses, professional supervision and a comfy home to play/rest inside.

Day Care Pricing

WeightOver 2 Years OldUnder 2 Years Old*
25 lbs or less$50$60
26 – 50 lbs$55$65
51-100 lbs$60$70
  • Price INCLUDES pick up and drop off, NO extra charge**
  • Additional dogs discounted $5 (cannot be combined with Auto Pay Discount)
  • Utilize our Auto Pay plan for up to 15% off (must enroll 2x/week or more)
  • Sorry, at this time we cannot accommodate dogs over 100 lbs

*High energy dogs or dogs that need special/additional handling will be charged at the higher rate

**Free pick up and drop off will be limited to the Westchase area (Westchase, Waterchase, WestWood Lakes, Countryway, etc).   Please contact us to confirm your area if not listed above.

Supporting Our Local Dog Adoption Agencies

Lost Angels Tampa

We will continue our support of local dog rescue groups and shelters.  A portion of all pet sitting, day care and boarding sales will be donated quarterly in honor of Dante’s remembrance, who was a rescue (as is Zeus).  You can read more about how we started Dante’s memorial fund here:

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