Tampa Pet Sitter Establishes Exclusive Loyalty Program

Pet Sitter Loyalty

New WestFetch Pet Sitter & Dog Boarding Loyalty Program

Here at WestFetch we’ve established a very new and unique loyalty program.  Now that we think about it, we’re not sure why other pet care companies don’t already offer something similar (and, as far as we know, we are the ONLY pet sitter that offers such a program).  Our number one clients are dogs and they are the bastion of loyalty.  I mean, what took us so long, right??

We are now reserving all holiday bookings–for pet sitting, dog walking and boarding–EXCLUSIVELY for existing clients ONLY.  Yes, that is correct, we are reserving our busiest days of the year only for clients that have used us in the past.  Now that is a loyalty! (Of course, this doesn’t mean you should wait until last minute to book your reservations, we still recommend booking ahead as far as possible)

We actually silently started this as a test last year and it worked wonderfully from our perspective.  It was nice not to say “Sorry, but we’re all booked up” to a client who has been a loyal follower of WestFetch, especially if they’ve been around for years.

So, if you not currently a client of WestFetch and if you may need any of our services in the future, we suggest you get on board so you, too, can participate in our exclusive holiday program.

If you are a current client of WestFetch, a big “Thank you!!” you for your continued patronage!

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