So What Does a WestFetch Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Do When It’s Not-So-Sunny in Tampa?


Tampa Lightning & Pet Sitters


If you spent any amount of time in Tampa, especially during the summer, you are well aware of the infamous storms we have here.  They don’t call it the lightning capital for nothing!  So what does a pet sitter do during the stormy summer season??

Summer Heat

Hot Tampa Dog

First, even without the storms, we have the heat (or is it the humidity???).  Our job as your dog walker is to ensure your pets don’t overexert themselves and overheat.  This is especially true for the “stub” nose breeds such as boxers, french bulldogs, pugs, etc.  Dogs don’t sweat like us, they pant in order to release heat from their bodies.  The shorter their snout is, the less airspace their little “radiator” has and therefore the more difficult it is for them to cool off.  During the hot months, we will shorten walks during the hottest parts of the day and spend a little more time inside playing, relaxing, giving belly rubs or whatever your pups prefer.


Tampa Pet Sitter Lightning Storms

If we do have storms on the horizon, we quickly become meteorologists and, thanks to smartphones, we keep a close eye on the radar.  We watch storms closely and time our visits so that we can get as many visits in during any lulls in the storm.  Sometimes it’s a quick passing storm, other times, not so lucky.  We grab our rain jacket, umbrella and get the potty on!

Ultimately, your pet’s safety is our top priority so we are on constant watch to go out only when it is safe to do so.


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