Why This Tampa Pet Sitter Charges for Short Notice & Cancellations

In this day and age of all the extra fees, you may wonder why any pet sitter would charge extra for short notice and/or cancellations, right?   It’s certainly not something we like to do but it is a necessary evil.  Here’s a peek into why we have short notice and cancellation fees for our pet sitting service at WestFetch: Yes, we are human, and while we are available for service 365 days a year,… Continue reading

What To Look For in a Tampa Pet Sitter

So What Do I Look For In a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker in Tampa? Below are the top five items items to look for when hiring a pet sitter or dog walker.  We’ve also included answers for WestFetch. Are they available all the time?  (Do they do this part time or full time?  Are they a one-person operation?  Do they operate 365 days a year, all hours?) This is an important question for complete coverage for all of… Continue reading