Dogs Drinking from Pools – Is It Safe?

It’s summer and if you have a pool and dogs, that likely means lots of fun outside for you and/or your pup!   This is certainly a welcomed luxury in the long, hot summers here in Tampa.  Along with that, you may be asking yourself “My dog drinks from the pool, is it safe for them??” If you have a saltwater pool, it is generally safer to drink than a regular pool.  The salt content… Continue reading

Five Simple Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks and Thunderstorms in Tampa

We may love watching fireworks and thunderstorms, but our furry friends might not be such a fan.  Here are a few tips to help calm your dog during these events and keep them safe (more dogs get loose on the 4th of July than any other day of the year). Get your dogs outside to “do their thing” before the storm or the prime time for celebrations hit.  While you’re out, get some exercise in… Continue reading