Tampa Pet Sitter Establishes Exclusive Loyalty Program

New WestFetch Pet Sitter & Dog Boarding Loyalty Program Here at WestFetch we’ve established a very new and unique loyalty program.  Now that we think about it, we’re not sure why other pet care companies don’t already offer something similar (and, as far as we know, we are the ONLY pet sitter that offers such a program).  Our number one clients are dogs and they are the bastion of loyalty.  I mean, what took us… Continue reading

Puppy Training Tips | Let Your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Help!

Here at WestFetch, we’ve seen a lot of puppies lately.  While this is certainly a ton of fun and an overload of cuteness, it has it’s challenges too.  If you’ve ever owned a puppy, you know what I mean!  House training, chewing, biting, feeding habits, leash training, and so on. If you have a pet sitter/dog walker, you can utilize their knowledge to help you train your puppy.  Now remember, we are pet sitters, NOT… Continue reading

What To Look For in a Tampa Pet Sitter

So What Do I Look For In a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker in Tampa? Below are the top five items items to look for when hiring a pet sitter or dog walker.  We’ve also included answers for WestFetch. Are they available all the time?  (Do they do this part time or full time?  Are they a one-person operation?  Do they operate 365 days a year, all hours?) This is an important question for complete coverage for all of… Continue reading